Baldragon Herbs
for the garden YOU want



Starting with a site visit and detailed questionaire, we will design the garden of your dreams. Our emphasis is on caring for the environment, but we will listen closely to what YOU want. Our designs come with a full list of suitable plants with planting, sowing and aftercare advice.


Using local and family suppliers wherever possible, and only selecting plants suitable for the north-east, including our own herbs grown on organic land just outside Stonehaven, we can select your plants for you, for a minimal charge.


Finally, if you are unsure about planting yourself, or just don't have the time, we can install the design for you. We will take great care to ensure your plants are off to a great start, to bring you pleasure for years to come! (But please note our emphasis is on the plants, and we can only undertake light landscaping and maintenance). 



Dragonly different!



The garden YOU want



Plants suited to the north east




Plant up your design


Three easy steps to your ideal garden: